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JITD CULTURAL CLUB provides a platform for students to express their creativity and showcase their talents beyond there alm of engineering. The club is a melting pot of various art forms, bringing together students with a passion for singing, dancing, drama, skit,photography, painting, and craft.


The JITD cultural club aims to foster a sense of artistic expression, cultural appreciation, and collaboration among engineering students. By providing a platform for diverse art forms, the club seeks to create a lively and inclusive cultural environment within the engineering college, bridging the gap between technology and the arts.


Singing: The club organizes regular singing competitions, open mic sessions, and musical workshops where students can explore their vocal talents and share their love for music.

Dancing: From classical to contemporary, the dance wing of the JITD cultural club conducts dance workshops, choreography sessions, and dance performances, allowing students to express themselves through the art of movement.

Drama and Skit: The club encourages students to unleash their acting skills through drama and skit performances. It hosts theatrical events, and acting workshops to nurture the dramatic talents within the engineering community.

Photography: For the shutterbugs on campus, the photography wing of the club conducts photo walks, workshops on photography techniques, and organizes photography contests.This allows students to capture the beauty of campus life and express themselves visually.

Painting: JITD cultural club, conducts painting competitions during the annual fest SHRUNGA

Craft: The craft section of the club focuses on hands-on creativity, organizing craft-making sessions, DIY workshops, and exhibitions. It provides a space for students to unleash their artistic potential through various craft forms.

Activities conducted under JITD Cultural Club

Grand celebration of Kannada Utsava

In commemoration of Karnataka Rajyotsava, the Jain Institute of Technology orchestrated a grand cultural celebration titled "Kannada Utsava" on the 21st of November 2023, to honor and showcase the rich tapestry of Karnataka's culture, traditions, and history. The event was organized with fervor and enthusiasm, reflecting thespirit of Karnataka.

The esteemed gathering was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest forthe day, Sri B. Vamadevappa, President of the District Kannada SahityaParishad. In his address, Sri B. Vamadevappa enlightened the audience,particularly the students, on the profound aspects of literature, art, culture,and tradition that define the essence of the Karnataka state.

The dignitaries sharing the stage included Principal and Director Dr. D.B. Ganesh, Research Adviser Dr. Manjappa S, and the College Cultural Coordinator Mr. Muralidhar S. Their presence added significance to the occasion, symbolizing the institution's commitment to Promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of Karnataka.The students actively participated in various cultural activities,showcasing their talents in singing the Naada Geethe and dancing to songs that extol the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka. Their performances added vibrancy and color to the event, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Overall, the Kannada Utsava served as a platform to foster a deeper appreciation for Karnataka's cultural legacy among the students and the community at large. The event successfully united people in the celebration of Karnataka's identity, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie.

Empowering Futures:Unveiling JIT's Women Empowerment Initiatives

JITD hosted a dynamic discussion on Women empowerment, bringing together JIT womencell coordinators and expertsin the field of Medicine and socialist Dr.Shashikala, Head of the Pathology Department at SS Hospital, Davangere, to chart a course for the Women Empowerment Cell's initiatives at JIT.

Key Highlights:

Empowering Sessions for Girl Students: The committee unanimously decided to conduct awareness sessions forall girl students every two months. These sessions aim to cover a broad spectrum of topics, including career guidance, personal development, health and societal issues.

Collaboration for Impact: Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives, the committee emphasized collaboration with external experts, industry professionals, and alumni who can contribute valuable insights during these sessions.

Resource Allocation: To ensure the success of these awareness sessions, resources will be allocated for materials, guestspeaker invitations, and logistical requirements.

Feedback Mechanism: A robust feedback mechanism will be established to continually evaluate the impact of the awareness sessions, allowing for adjustments and improvements in subsequent events. The committee is geared up to finalize the schedule, identify potential guest speakers, allocate resources, and develop promotional materials. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming awareness sessions and other initiatives by the Women Empowerment Cell.

Women’s Self Defense

The Department of ComputerScience and Engineering (CS&E) at JITD, in collaboration with the Women's Cell,organized a Women's Self-Defense class for the female students of JITD.The event aimed to empower the students with practical self-defense techniques and martial arts skills. Here is a summary of the event:

The Women's Self-Defense class was conducted to equip female students with valuable skills that enhance their personal safety and well-being. Mr. Umesh Babu N, a seasoned trainer from Zen Academy, Davangere, led an engaging practical session, focusing on self-defense techniques and Martial Arts. During the practical session, Mr. Umesh Babu N conducted an interactive and hands-on workshop, demonstrating essential self-defense techniques that included an open hand strike, a 360 or outside defense maneuver,a kick to the groin, and effective strategies to counter an attack from the ground. These techniques were meticulously explained and practiced, providing students with a diverse set of skills to enhance their personal safety.

The inclusion of Martial Arts in these maneuvers not only offered a holistic approach to self-defense but also allowed participants to develop a well-rounded set of physical and mental skills. These techniques are designed to empower female students, enabling them to defend themselves effectively in various situations. The emphasis goes beyond physicality, fostering self-confidence and a heightened sense of security. Dr.Mouneshachari S, Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering(CS&E), graced the event as the presiding officer. His presence not only added a sense of authority but also underscored the department's commitment to equipping its students with practical and valuable life skills. The coordination of the event was skillfully overseen by Prof. H S Saraswathi from the Department of CS&E. Her efforts ensured the smooth execution of the workshop, creating a positive and engaging learning environment where participants could actively learn and practice these self-defense techniques. This comprehensive approach to women's self-defense not only addressed various potential threats but also empowered the participants with the knowledge and confidence to navigate and overcome challenging situations effectively. The success of the workshop lies in its ability to provide practical skills that extend beyond the theoretical, contributing to the holistic development and safety of the female students and faculties of JIT, Davangere.

Institute level coordinator

Mr. Muralidhar. S BE. ME
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

SN Name of the Coordinator Department
1 Apoorva M Rao Basic Science
2 Pavitra M Raikar Basic Science
3 Manjunatha AR Mechanical Engineering
4 Rajeshwari H M Electronics & Communication
5 Sameer Computer Science & Engg
6 Ramesha Civil Engineering
7 Divya CG MBA
8 Pooja T Electrical Engineering