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JITD Alumni Association (R)

The objectives of the Association shall be:

To strengthen the professional bonds between JIT, its alumni and the industry.

To plan, organize and encourage various value adding activities for its members such as professional lectures, training programs, conferences, seminars, etc.

To publish journals,newsletters, books and other professional materials for circulation among its members.

To assist the faculty and students of JIT in various value-adding activities like curriculum development sponsored research projects, case study development,student internships and placements.

To assist the students by extending loan scholarship.

To conduct Alumni-Students Knowledge Exchange Programs [ASKEP].

To raise funds for the development of JIT and JITAA.

To extend possible Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service to the local community.

To encourage formation of Chapters of the JIT in cities/states of India and in other countries.

To organize fellowship meetings, workshop, and symposia and arrange for lectures,exhibitions, sport events etc., for the benefit of the alumni.

Executive Committee of the Association
1 Dr.Ganesh D B President
2 Shivaraj S Vice-President
3 Dr.Nataraja G. Secretary
4 Anusha T S Joint Secretary
5 Praveen Anaji Treasurer
6 Faraz Abdulla J Director
7 Balaji M P N Director
8 Vinay K V Director
9 Aishwarya Rani M T Director
10 Sindhu B Jigali Director
11 Rakshith S Director
12 Rakesh Kumar H H Director
13 Niveditha K M Director
14 Pooja P R Director

Alumni Coordinators
Sl No. Name of the Faculty Department
1. Prof. Harisha K S CV
2. Prof Madhu H T ME
3. Prof. Praveena Anaji EE
4. Dr.Ravi Rayappa ECE
5. Prof. Shafiulla Shariff CSE
6. Prof. Divya M C MBA