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About the department

Jain Instituteof Technology, MBA Programme is started in the year 2011 with aim of providingquality education with practical exposure. Apart from academics, our MBAstudents undergo different training programmes like placement, soft skills andindustry interface for their career development. We offer three specializationsto the students in the area of marketing management, financial management,human resource management and dual specializations.

Jain Institute oftechnology, MBA programme imparts management education in a very cohesive,disciplined and professional investment. The Institute leaves on stone unturnedto prepare its students as perfect decision makers and path finding managers.

Degree Programme Year Intake
PG Master of Business Administration 2011-12 60

OBE components

Vision and Mission of the department


To provide holistic development of individual personality with a benevolent touchand managerial outlook through comprehensive education.


M1: To implement an educational scheme carefully and wisely aiming at the harmonious development of the mind of students.

M2: To induct management issues to provide young minds the skills to help them to achieve managerial goals.

M3: To produce managers, who pour out the resources of skill


The post graduate students of the department shall be able to:

PSO1: Comprehend the contemporaryfeatures and characteristics of Business Management Science and itsadministration

PSO2: Analyse and interpret the dynamicsituations for making Business Management strategies and decisions at thenational and global level

PSO3: Handle responsibility with theethical values for all actions undertaken by them.

PSO3: Adapt and focus on achieving theorganisational goal and objectives with complete zeal and commitment.


The post graduate students of the department shall be able to:

PEO1: MBA is a two-year full-time programme, aimed at nurturing and trainingyoungminds with contemporary skills of management, adept in handling diversesectorsof the economy.

PEO2: Graduates will be able to conduct Research, Innovation, Design & Development aspects of varying complexities of software and scientific systems.

PEO3:The diverse course curriculum enables ahigh degree of academic flexibility forfostering innovation and creativity. Itinstils resilience and adaptability instudents for facing the challenges of thecontemporary business world.


Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve businessproblems.

Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decisionmaking.

Ability to develop value-based leadership ability.

Ability to understand, analyse and communicate global, economic, legal andethical aspects of business.

Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizationalgoals contributing effectively to a team environment.

Dr. Suhas D

Associate Professor and HoD,
Department of MBA
Jain Institute of Technology, Davangere