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Vision / Mission of IIC established at the Institute

Vision: Technical manpower development to build professionally excellent, globally competitive, socially responsible engineers and entrepreneurs with human values.


To provide quality education through innovation in teaching to create technologically competent engineers.

To achieve excellence in research and development to advance science and technology to the ever changing needs of society.

To create outstanding professionals capable of working in multi-cultural environment.

To produce quality engineers with high ethical standards and professionalism.

Journey of IIC established at the Institute

JITD IIC has established in the academic year 2018-19 functioning actively since IIC1.0.Due to COVID, JITD IIC could not perform better during IIC 3.0 and hence score just two stars during the evaluation process. With the agenda of performing minimum four stars, JITD IIC formed a new committee and taken various steps to organize and conduct activities under various categories namely IIC driven, Self-driven and MIC driven in IIC 4.0 we achieved 3.5 stars. The convener and coordinator along with the president of the IIC have spent some time with discussions to study and understand the agenda of the IIC 5.0and its need. JITDIIC meetings were conducted to educate the staffs and students of theinstitution towards IIC and its agenda.

JITD IIC was encouraging students and staffs to submit business proposals to various Government and Private agencies. Around 12 proposals were submitted to FKCCI MANTHAN2023.

In July-August, around 11 senior members of the institution have attended Innovation Ambassador Program and completed the workshop with the certificate of label “Innovation Ambassador”. Later we made all our faculties attend MIC-driven activities. Through these MIC-driven activities, the entire system understood the main agenda and accomplishments of the control body that is AICTE/ Ministry of Education.

JITD IIC has become a member of NISP and now it is under the process of its implementation. Recently we have nominated mentor mentee scheme also.

SN Name and Affiliation Representation
1 Dr. Ganesh D B President
2 Dr. Mouneshachari S Vice-President
3 Dr. Ramesh R S Entrepreneur Development Cell
4 Prof. Harish K S Convener
5 Prof. Kiran Kumar M S Start up
6 Prof. Chetan H R ARIIA
7 Prof. Nandish B M Hackathon
8 Prof. Shriharsha V J NISP
9 Prof. Savita Mamadapur Yukti
10 Prof. Manjula P IPR
11 Prof. Latharani T R Social Media